You see her confidence is tragic,

But her intuition magic.

1 December
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Hello there! I see you have wandered into my neck of the woods; do you have nothing better to do?! Well if you decide to stay I feel I should introduce myself, Hello again, my name is Meaghan, but you can call me Brevanna, or Meg, or Supreme Ruler of the Universe, or Optimus Prime, you know, whatever YOU feel comfortable with. I live in Canada, eh, I have a pet beaver (his name is Chompy) and am flawlessly polite (and if anyone told you otherwise they are a fucking asshole). Anyway, I'm gay, lez, a dyke, all of that I am, just putting that out there before we get any further in this sacred relationship. I’m an extremely weird person (NO! REALLY?! Wow Brevanna we never would have guessed) with no tact, a phobia of clowns and an addiction to peanut M&Ms, if that sounds like someone you want to get to know feel free to message me, I don't bite unless you ask REALLY nicely. So yeah, apparently you've stuck around this long, thats neat, now go read my fic. I command you! Do it!