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03 February 2011 @ 08:42 pm
Your Super, But I'm Sure as Hell Not Lois Lane. Cougar/Jensen, 1/1  
Title: Your Super, But I'm Sure as Hell Not Lois Lane 
Author: Brevanna03
Fandom: The Losers
Pairing: Cougar/Jensen 
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: Slash, swearing, AU. 
Word Count: 4500
Summary: In which Cougar is basically Batman, Jensen is Jensen (except in purple tights), Pooch is a total mom, and Max quietly hates his life.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, The Losers belong to their creator, except Jensen, he belongs to Cougar. Oh and the song Hey Juliet belongs to the band LMNT, and Love Story belongs to Taylor Swift. 

Your Super, But I'm Sure as Hell Not Lois Lane 

Cougar is used to people falling into his arms on a regular basis. Though being a superhero they are usually attractive young women in dire need of his help. 

The man that just fell into his arms as Cougar is mid swing from a building, is definitely not an attractive young woman. He is quite attractive though, well built, with a handsome face, but he's also ... odd. 

His entire costume is pink, except for purple bottoms that seem to be actual dyed underwear, and the large purple "J" on his chest. Cougar is used to bad superhero costumes, REALLY bad, but this is by far the worst. A large part of being a superhero is not being seen until you want to be seen, everyone knows that, so he's not sure how this man heard that and thought *this*. Inconspicuous is definitely not the first word that comes to mind.

The mans eyes are huge as Cougar swings over to the next building, which is standard protocol when it comes to saving damsels in distress. He realizes quickly that it is definitely not fear, most damsels don't yell "WHEEEEEE!" while he's saving their lives.

When he lands on the roof of a building and let's the man down he sees disappointment clear in his features. Cougar wonders suddenly if he may actually be legally insane.  

"So yeah, thanks for saving my ass, I would have been squished, but then you stepped- No SWOOPED, you swooped in and saved me and it was fucking wicked." The man tells Cougar enthusiastically.

"Thats what I do." Cougar says with a dismissive shake of his head. "But I'd like to know what happened there."

"Oh, that? That was nothing. A friend of mine asked me to help take down some smugglers, which isn't usually my thing, but I owed him because a gave him a cat, that turned out to be evil and tried to kill him. How could I have known? But anyway, I went undercover, got found out, jumped out of a window to get away. Admittedly it wasn't my *best* plan ever, but hey! Here I am, so I suppose alls well that ends well."         

Cougar stares at him for a long moment before he sees that the man is cradling his left wrist. "Are you okay?"

He shrugs. "Ah you know, I've had worse. OH by the way, my names Jensen." He points to the large J on his chest as though Cougar wouldn't understand the significance.

"Cougar." He responds absently, taking Jensen's hand and carefully examining his busted knuckles.

Jensen grins. "Yeah I know, your *The Cougar*." He dramatically played air drums to go with his words. "Defender of Truth, Justice, and The American Way. Except how does that work? Aren't you Mexican? So are you defending the Mexican Way? That doesn't exactly have the same ring to it. Oh and by the way, why are you The Cougar? I mean Batman saw a bat and was like "holy shit thats scary!" then became Batman. Did you have the same deal happen, but with a Cougar? Or do you just think Cougars are scary? Cause that's a shitty origin story." 

Cougar doesn't know what to say to that. 

Eventually he finds the words. "I should probably go." 

"Oh okay, yeah go punch people, get bad guys, save the girl, or boy if that's how that saying applies to you. I understand, thanks again for making sure I wasn't pavement food back there. It was pretty awesome." Jensen says, grinning at him.

Cougar feels a little returning smile tug at the corner of his lips. He turns and swings off the building before Jensen can see it.  

But the absolute worst part of the night? No matter what, he can't make that little smile go away.


It's two weeks and four days when he next meets Jensen.

Cougar heard about a big drug deal going down from one of his informants, he's just swinging onto the building when he sees him. Jensen, sitting in the middle of five unconscious men, playing on a handheld game.

Jensen looks up when he lands and waves ecstatically. "Hello!"

"Hi." Cougar responds vacantly, examining the scene in front him. "What happened here?"

"I interrupted a drug deal." Jensen tells him proudly.

Cougar fights the urge to roll his eyes. "Yes, I figured that out. But how? Did you take down all five of these men?"

Jensen nods exuberantly. "Hell yeah! You see I showed up and did that whole "Aha I must have accidentally stumbled on to some shenanigans, what are you fellows doing?" to stall for time while my powers worked, I think they may have bought it if not for the costume. And the fact that I knocked down a locked door to get up here. And I'd already punched a henchman. So then we fought for a few minutes until they all passed out." He finishes with a flourish towards the unconscious men.

"They all passed out? Why?" Cougar asks.

"Oooh I forgot to tell you! You see my power is that I talk until people are knocked out. Usually takes a few minutes and lasts for almost an hour."

"But, you talk a lot." Cougar says.

"Thats true." Jensen agrees easily.

"So how does everyone that meets you not pass out?" Cougar says, the question should be beyond obvious. 

"Ooooh I see! No no no I have to change the pitch and stuff in my voice if I want to use my power. Like when I was little, before I knew I could do this, my sister and would get into fights, I'd be yelling then suddenly *poof* she'd pass out on the floor. My mom had to take her to the doctor so many times that eventually *he* figured it out. Mom still refuses to believe it's actually as super power though, says "It's a quirk angel-cake, no reason to go out galavanting around the city in tights." But she's my mom, so she still supports me, made my nifty costume. I love it, especially the "J"." Then Jensen points to the large J as though Cougar may not know what he's referring to. 

Cougar stands there for a moment (but not awkwardly, The Cougar is never awkward) before he realizes something. "Why are you still here?"

Jensen looks away, the moonlight illuminates a light blush coloring his cheeks. "Well ... Umm ... You see we kinda have the same informant. He told me you were going to be here so I showed up early to take these guys down. Then I thought I'd wait here to see if you'd show up."

Now theres something he didn't expect. "Why?" Cougar questions incredulously.

The blush deepens. "'Cause I wanted to see you." 

So is that. Cougars mind screeches to a halt, he's used to people wanting to see him to kill him, or because he pays there checks. But there are very few people that just want to see him because they enjoy his company. It's strange. 

Neither say anything for a few excruciating moments before Cougar suddenly finds himself asking, "Where did that game system come from?"

"Oh this?" Jensen holds up the bright pink Nintendo DS lying on his knee. "I had it in my brand new handy dandy utility belt, thats where I store things essential to my crime fighting."

Cougars eyes focus on the "utility belt", once he sees it he wonders how his eyes ever strayed to anything else. It's an average black mens belt, with actual pockets attached to it. Bright purple pockets. 

Finally Cougar asks dubiously. "Essential?"

"Totally essential, what if I'm on a stakeout and bored? Or stuck on a roof? Or just really want to jump on some fucking turtles? What would I do without my DS?"

Cougar has no idea how to answer any of those questions. So he just responds with, "I need to get back to work."

Jensen stands gracefully, shaking out stiff limbs. "Me to, these streets won't save themselves. They need me! JensenMan, defender of the innocent, and occasionally those other fuckers."

Cougar fights back a grin. "JensenMan?"

"I'm trying it out, I'm also considering the Incredible Jensen and the Spectacular Jensen, though I'm not sold on either." 

Cougar turns to leave before he hears Jensen's voice. "Want some peanut m&ms?"

Rule 17: Never accept food/drinks from anyone you do not trust explicitly. Cougar freezes, his own unquestioned rule ringing in his ears. He reaches out takes and takes one of the packages (produced from Jensen's pocket-belt), rips it open, pops a handful in his mouth, then immediately takes off. 

Cougar refuses to consider the meaning behind his actions.

The last time he saw Jensen it was one week and seven days ago. 

Cougars used to seeing his friends fighting for their lives. Being a superhero is a dangerous job and if he teams up with people he trusts that they're capable and everything will end up alright. 

He knows Jensen's capable, he's seen it with his own eyes. So he can't understand why when he sees him standing bloody and beaten in an alley, his heart drops like lead.

"Jensen." Cougar murmurs surprising himself. The six men fighting Jensen suddenly turn their attentions to him. Fuck. Rule 7: Never be seen until you want to be seen.

"Hey Cougs!" Jensen says, kicking out the ankles of one man while using his hand to wipe the blood from above his eye. 

Cougar fights a path through to Jensen, standing back to back with the other man. "Are you okay?"

"Peachy, perhaps even keen. These assholes wore fucking earplugs, can you believe that? That means they actually came after ME specifically, how crazy is that?! I'm a d-lister at best. God I'm  awesome!" Jensen yells, laughing and punching one of the men in the stomach.

"Your insane." Cougar says back.

"Probably. But dude do you have any idea how much it sucks to fight someone who can't hear you?! It completely removes my trademark wit. I mean earlier I said "You know all of this red really clashes with my outfit" and it was totally lost on these people."

Finally six men are on the floor, when suddenly one of them gets to a gun that Jensen must've knocked away from them earlier in the fight. He shoots Cougar dead in the chest, sending him flying backwards against a wall, he sinks breathlessly to the ground. Cougar hears Jensen yell his name and then the guy who shot him is unconscious on the pavement. Jensen runs over, kneeling in front of him and holding the back of his head with a gentle hand.

"Are you okay?! Oh god, oh god. Are you okay?! Please say your okay."

Cougar stares, Jensen looks like Cougar did when he first saw him bleeding in the ally. "I'm fine." He assures Jensen.

Jensen shakes his head, looking absolutely serious for the first time since they met. "No you're not, that fucker shot you Cougs. You were *shot*."

"Jensen." Cougar murmurs, his voice so soothing he hardly recognizes it. "The chest of my costume is bullet proof. I'm fine."

"Really?" Jensen asks, his voice hopeful, but hesitant. 

Cougar nods and Jensen's entire body seems to sag with relief. "Thank god, you scared the hell out of me."

There's a long pause where neither of them move an inch, the longer they stay like this the more aware he becomes of how close they are and the hand still on the back of his neck. 

"Jensen..." He whispers. Jensen looks him at him, really looks at him, and Cougar realizes he has no idea how he was going to finish that sentence.

Cougar knows he should look away because the moment is far to charged and he's not sure whats going happen next. But he wants to find out, he really, really wants to find out.

Unfortunately he doesn't get the chance. "Jensen!" A strangers voice yells.

Jensen looks away and stands up, grinning at the other man. "Hi Pooch!"

Cougar slinks up the wall, hoping that in the darkened ally way he'll blend in until he has a grasp on the situation.

"Are you okay?" The man asks, hands fluttering over Jensen, instantly beginning to check for injuries.

Jensen swats at his hands. "Dude chill, I'm okay, now stop acting like your my momma."

Pooch crosses his arms once he's made sure that Jensen's okay. "I wouldn't have to if you'd stop getting yourself into trouble, dumbass."

"I handled it." Jensen says, rolling his eyes before amending. "Well, actually Cougar and I handled it, he's a total BAMF."

Pooches eyes lock on Cougar and he steps forward, extending a hand. "Wait, holy shit, your The Cougar! Woah. I ... Umm... Thank you then."

Cougars shakes it and shrugs. "Jensen had the situation under control, I only helped." 

"We kicked ass." Jensen announces proudly. Suddenly his knees seem to buckle and he lurches forward. Both Cougar and Pooch rush to catch him, but Jensen steadies himself against the wall. He elbows Pooch in the ribs. "I'm fine! Do I fret over you when you get a few cuts and bruises? No, because I'm sane."

Pooch rolls his eyes. "First of all: No your not. Second: Dude remember that time I got shot in the leg? You stayed beside my bed for a three solid days, I straight up told you it was unnecessary, but you refused to leave. Jolene thought it was adorable, everyone else thought it was creepy as fuck."

"You just don't appreciate what an epic best friend I am. I'm going to ditch you for a new one, just you watch." Jensen warns. 

"I'm *so* scared, now if your feeling well enough to bitch I'm gonna assume it's time to yell at you." Pooch takes a deep breath and Jensen cringes. "WHAT THE FUCK MAN?! You ask me to patrol with you and then you fucking disappear! If you want to work alone, work *alone*, but if you want to work together with me then. Don't. Run. Off."

Jensen opens his mouth to response but a different voice cuts him off. "Hey Pooch, hey Jackass."

"Hey Clay!" Jensen grins and turns to Cougar. "He calls me Jackass because of the "J" on my chest."

"And because your a jackass." Clays says casually. 

"He?" Cougar asks confused. Clay stands in the mouth of the ally, a very attractive woman.

"Clays a shape-shifter, Clayface." Jensen clarifies. "Which is lucky 'cause he's actually fugly. Oh by the way, why do you look like Aisha?"

Clays appearance seems to ripple until he appears as a handsome older man, wearing a blue spandex super-suit.  Cougar assumes its his real body as he says next, "You wish you looked like this Jackass. And I've been Aisha all day because theres an assassin after her and she needed it to look like she was on the streets while she hunts him down."

"And you get to look at her naked bits." Jensen says with a grin.  

Clay scoffs. "Please, I don't have to shift into her image to see her naked bits." Then he gives Jensen a lecherous smirk.

Pooch sighs. "Oh god please tell me you two aren't dating again. The girls bad for you."

"Yes she's a little ... explosive-" Clay starts.

Jensen cuts in and looks at Cougar. "Literally, she makes thing explode with her hands and when they fight she throws those things at Clays head."

Clay rolls his eyes and opens his mouth to retort when Jensen once more begins to fall forward. Cougar moves forward and catches him easily, one arm around his waist as Jensen holds on to Cougars shoulder.

Jensen looks up at him, eyes wide, and lips open. "Thanks." Jensen whispers and there so close that his hot breath ghosts across his face. 

They're in the middle of a crowded alley, surrounded by Jensen's friends, and Cougar can't move, can't breath, can't even think.

Pooch interrupts by pulling Jensen away and positioning him protectively under his arm. "We should get you home, Jolene will fix you up."

Jensen turns to Cougar and tells him, "Jolene's his Lois Lane, shes brilliant." He pauses and looks unnervingly serious. "You sure your okay?"

Cougar gives him the smallest of smiles. "I'm fine, it'll barely bruise."

Jensen bites his lip and looks like he wants to argue the point, but Pooch begins to tug him away. He takes one last look at Cougar, and follows Pooch and Clay.

Cougar leans against the brick wall and hears Jensen's voice traveling to him, whining about how Pooch can turn into animals but won't turn into a fucking horse to take him home.

He stays there for a long while, one hand on his cracked rib that he refused to tell Jensen about for fear of worrying him.

What's happening to him?


It's nearly a week later when his cell phone rings.

Cougar yanks the phone out of his pocket and slams the talk button. "How did you get this number?" He hisses. Nobody has this number.

"From Jensen." A tense voice responds, he recognizes it. 

"Pooch? How did Jensen get this number?" Cougar asks confused.

"How am I supposed to know? I found it in his room. He probably triangulated some shit, I don't know, he's really smart, like IQ of 179, eidetic memory, smart." Pooch says, Cougar notes that he sounds strangely proud. "But thats not the point! He's missing."

"Missing?" Cougar repeats, hating how small his voice sounds. 

"Yeah, and all I know is it has something to do with you." Pooches voice sounds accusing.

"How?" Cougar asks. Hating that he can't immediately say that that's not possible, it may be his fault, things tend to fall apart around him.

"There was a loud crash and scream from his room, I ran in and found a note on his pillow: "Cougar- You have until midnight tonight to save him. Come alone. Good luck. -Max." What the fuck?! What does Jensen have to do with anything?" 

Cougars stomach drops. "I'll save him."

"No WE'LL save him, there's strength in numbers. You, me, and Clay, we'll get him back." Pooch sounds more confident than Cougar feels.

He hears a strangely familiar voice yell in the background. "I'm in too. He's a goddamn motherfucker, but he's our goddamn motherfucker."

"Okay, you, me, Clay, and Aisha." Pooch amends.

Cougar shakes his head even though Pooch can't see. "No, I work best alone." Cougar says, and refuses to admit that he's scared of what Max might do to Jensen if he doesn't.

"NO, don't you dare turn this into some macho bullshit." Pooch yells furiously into the phone. 

Cougar goes to hang up when he hears Pooches suddenly subdued voice. "Is this *the* Max? Murderous crime boss asshole *Max*?"

"Yes." Cougar says and then hangs up. He has work to do.

It takes him ten minutes to find and get to the building where he's sure Max is holding Jensen. None of that is the difficult part, the trick will be to get Jensen out safely.

He finds the room as easy as if Max had left a trail of breadcrumbs. Cougar kicks down the door and he sees the inside of the room with shock. 

Jensen is sitting on the floor, hands and feet tied, a gag stuffed in his mouth. Strangely though he doesn't seem that perturbed by any of this, he glances up at Cougar and his face lights up, cheerfully humming the Batman song. 

Six henchmen lay unconscious on the ground while the other four stand around looking confused. Off to the side sits Max, the fear of superheros and criminals alike, bane of the city, scourge of the underworld, sitting with his face in his hands, shoulders shaking. 
He looks up at Cougar and he is immensely relived to realize that he's not actually crying. "I know what your going to say." Max tells him calmly. "Your going to make me regret what I've done, yadda, yadda, yadda, but oh god Cougar, you can not make me regret this whole plan more than I already do." He sounds sincere and then waves a weary hand at his remaining men, they immediately attack Cougar.

"It seemed so simple, capture the only person your people have ever seen the Cougar act close to, use him as bait, reap the rewards. It was my own fault, I should have done more research. I thought he was like you, a fighter without powers. I was wrong, so, so wrong..." Max trails off, eyes focused off into the distance.

Eventually he continues. "At first I didn't gag him, I did the whole 'you can scream as much as you want and nobody will hear!' bad guy thing. But he didn't scream, or sob, or beg, he just *talked*, so, so much. About how awesome you are, and peanut m&ms, and Harry Potter, and who was the best Doctor on Doctor Who, and how much he loves snow, and penguins and oh fuck. Fifteen minutes we left him ungagged *fifteen*, knocked out six henchmen and *ruined* my fucking plan."

Cougar feels oddly proud of Jensen, you have to respect a man who can simultaneously drive a crime boss insane AND ruin his nefarious plot.

He knocks the last henchman out and advances on Max. Cougar quickly has him flat on the ground with his arm pressed hard against the other mans throat.

Max stares at Cougar with wide eyes. "You won and I can't even care because I'm so damn grateful that your taking *him* away."

Cougar quickly knocks him unconscious and walks over to Jensen, pulling a knife out of his boot and slicing through his bonds. Jensen stretches and turns so Cougar can undo the knot  holding in his gag. He begins talking immediately. "OH MY GOD thank you Cougar, you are a scholar and a gentlemen. Do you know how hard it is for someone like *me* to stay quiet for *twenty* minutes, it was excruciating. I mean yeah I got most of my talking out earlier, I was hoping my powers would work, Max and his henchmen were strangely resistant, and you know, I was scared, so I was kind of babbling, but still, *twenty*.

In the back of his mind he almost feels bad for Max, he's seen what Jensen considers normal conversation, he can't imagine him babbling. But the main chunk of his thought is dedicated to 'Oh thank god he's okay'. Then without making a conscious decision he suddenly  has his hand on the nape of Jensen's neck, he pulls him forward and kisses him forcefully.

He feels Jensen grin and presses their lips together eagerly. Cougar resists the urge to deepen the kiss, he pulls back. "You scared me." Cougar murmurs.

Jensen blinks and is speechless for a few long moments. "I'm sorry, I kind of got kidnapped in my sleep."

Jensen attempts to kiss him again but Cougar jerks back, heading swiftly towards the gaping hole where the door used to stand. That was stupid, when you let yourself have feelings for someone you just end up getting hurt, or they do. Especially when the other persons a super, this is a dangerous job, you can't be emotionally compromised.

Jensen grabs his wrist. "Wait."

"For what?" Cougar hisses out the words. He hates feeling like this, so ... vulnerable.

"I think we should go on a date, a real, genuine, super awesome date, because I like you and think your amazing and you get me all tingly and do you want to go out with me?" Jensen finishes in a breathless rush. 

Cougar steps forward, he and Jensen are a breath away. "I can't, I just can't."

Jensen grins, surprising Cougar. "That's not a no! And I think I know why, you've been buying into the whole 'lone wolf, dark knight" mentality that the media and shit is forcing on you, so you think you can't get close to anybody. I  think thats bullshit. Pooch has Jolene, Clay has Aisha, you could have me if you want. And hey, I'm not your Gwen Stacy, I'm awesome, I can take care of myself."

Cougar turns away again, Jensen isn't like him, Jensen has friends that have his back, a family that loves him. He's already put him in to much danger. Jensen sighs and says. "Okay, time to break out the big guns." And then he begins to sing. "I think your fine, you really blow my mind."

Cougar puts a hand over face. "Please stop." He murmurs through his fingers. 

Jensen barrels on. "Maybe, someday, you and me can run away, I just want you to know, wanna be your Romeo. Hey Juliet! Hey! Hey! Juliet!"

A laugh suddenly slips through Cougars lips, only Jensen would think that singing could change anything. Cougar knows what he has to say, even though he doesn't want to. "People I care about always end up getting 

"I can take care of myself, remember?! Not Gwen Stacy, more like Wonder Woman." Jensen protests.

Cougar wonders if he should point out that Jensen is like neither of those women, as they're women, and fictional. He decides to stay serious. "I'm obsessed with my job-"

"So am I! We can be obsessed together." Jensen leans forward, a small smile playing on his lips.

"I'm really messed up." Cougar whispers, its one of those things a man needs to know before he gets in too deep.

Jensen kisses him gently then pulls back, beaming at Cougar. "Who isn't?" His next words are sung. "It's a love story baby just saaaay yes."

"If I say yes will stop singing?" Cougar asks, fighting a smile.

"It's possible." Jensen responds cheerfully. 

"Yes." Cougar says and then pulls Jensen towards him again, crashing their lips together. 

Cougar calls the police on his cell and he and Jensen are gone before they show up to take away Max. As they run Jensen fans his fingers attempting to wind theirs together.

"I'm not holding your hand." Cougar tells him seriously.

Jensen laughs and while they run Cougar bumps their shoulders together, just a little, and hopes Jensen understands what he's trying to say in his emotionally screwed up way.


Their date is the next day, at noon in Cougars favorite outdoor cafe.

He stands in front of his costumes case, fingers pressed to the glass. He walks away, blue jeans and a grey sweater, and goes to meet Jensen.
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Ashley's Writingawritinglilypea on February 4th, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)
This made me smile so big. I absolutely loved it. Jensen would SO have that super power and the part about Aisha made me laugh.
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 05:54 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!
An Odd Child: cougs salutbloodquartz on February 4th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
I kind of love you right now. 'Cougar feels oddly proud of Jensen, you have to respect a man who can simultaneously drive a crime boss insane AND ruin his nefarious plot.'
Oh jensen. Yes, yes you do. ♥ And batman-cougs! ♥ and costumes and shapeshifters and this is just awesomesauce!
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
Thank you! I firmly believe that awesomesauce is the highest compliment one can receive and I am extremely grateful for it :D. And of course Cougs had to be Batman, he's *Cougar*.
ebilchickens: Geekebilchickens on February 4th, 2011 02:16 am (UTC)
Wow. Everybody was strangely in character and it was awesome! Jensen was just epic. <3 Thanks for writing this, can't say how awesome this was!
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)
And thank you for commenting! And of course for the wonderfully kind words <333
(Deleted comment)
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:12 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm very glad you liked the ending, lol I was pretty sure if I didn't end it soon I would never stop. I was tempted to write the date, and Roques betrayal, and a team rescue, and *headdesk* I think this means I may be writing a sequel.
whogeekwhogeek on February 4th, 2011 03:58 am (UTC)
**giggles** So adorkable. And Jensen's superpower. XD And the rest of the team. And Jensen being stubborn and not letting Cougar be a lonely superhero, because he can take care of himself(mostly).
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:15 am (UTC)
:D Of course he couldn't let Cougar be a cliche like that, and he'll sure as hell never be lonely as long as Jensens around. Thank you for commenting!
Megan: losersblinddreamer on February 4th, 2011 04:26 am (UTC)
This is so awesome. Perfectly in character and yet so unique and fun. I have so much love for this, especially Clay pretending to be Aisha.
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! <3
musume_no_suohmusume_no_suoh on February 4th, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
cackles they shoulda done that for real!
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
Thank you for commenting!
(Deleted comment)
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D
(Deleted comment)
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:30 am (UTC)
Ikr?! Forgot all that stuff Batman caries around in his utility belt (Batcondoms? Batlube?), a pink DS and peanut M&Ms are the only things that are truly essential. And thanks for the lovely words!

Btw I adore your icon :D
cholomunkers: R: Losers CougSen mmm sew upcholomunkers on February 5th, 2011 09:22 am (UTC)
lmfao JensenMan, I love it!

whining about how Pooch can turn into animals but won't turn into a fucking horse to take him home.
That's brilliant. Very Jensen.
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:33 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! Btw you own my soul for quoting that line, my beta insisted I remove it but I refused because it was one of those things that would make me (and only me) giggle when I read it. So I'm glad you liked it, maybe my sense on humors not that fucked after all :D
NeeNee: colin.hee!bookstorequeer on February 19th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
Oh that is too cute (and your Jensen-mood theme is strangely perfect). Love it. Just too cute. They all fit their roles so perfectly, though. Only you, Jensen, only you...
brevanna03brevanna03 on February 22nd, 2011 06:38 am (UTC)
lol I find that Jensen is strangely perfect for every situation, well both of them are actually (god that gets confusing sometimes). Thank you so much! <3
Alex Kadealex_kade on April 10th, 2011 12:13 am (UTC)
THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Normally I don't even like slashies, but I was laughing so damn hard I can't help but love this! WOWZA! Thank god for funny people like you writing fanfiction, lol. ;)
afunes260 on February 17th, 2013 07:38 am (UTC)
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